It is compulsory under the Lagos State Urban and Regional Planning and Development Law 2010 for any intending developer to obtain a Planning Permit before embarking on their construction. However, it is not all these developers that can affirm positively that they know the procedure to get the Planning Permit. Therefore, they engage the services of a nonprofessional or quark to process the Permit. Invariably, such people abandoned the job and went away with the money collected with a series of lies. The developer lost money, time, got frustrated and embarked on construction contravening the provisions within the Law.  Here are the steps to follow to obtain your Planning Permit or Building permit

(i) Pre-assessment vetting of the architectural and structural drawings.- Take the Architectural and Structural drawings, Survey Plan and the Title document to the Planning Office where the land is located for pre-screening exercise and confirmation to be okay. The pre-screening exercise will involve a site visit for visual appraisal. Here, the officer will need to confirm the site Location, Beacon numbers vis-a viz the one on the survey plan, proximity to both Natural and Artificial features, Accessibility, Sketches and photographs. Thereafter,  chatting with the survey plan will be done to confirm the land status and use.

(ii) Calculating the assessment fees/ bills for payment.- The assessment fees payable to the government in line with your proposed drawings, the bank payment advice (containing the State government account number and the Agency Code) and an Application form would be given to you. Proceed to the designated bank and make your payment. A Payer’s Identification number would be generated if you are a first-time payer. Collect your receipt immediately.

(iv). Registration of the application– Complete the relevant portion of the application form earlier given with a sworn affidavit. Take all the documents mentioned in our previous post (click here) and your payment receipt back to the District Planning office for registration and further processing to the approval stage which should not exceed  Thirty (30) days all things being equal. Please ensure a follow up to attend promptly to any query that could come up. 

(v) Official duties on the application towards the grant of the planning permit:– Site inspection report; Charting report, Engineer’s clearance with approval, Clearances of all payments and taxes; Clearance from other Ministries and Agencies, vetting of the application, concurrent approval if applicable and final approval by the District office.

(vi) Ensure a periodic check on the application for the prompt attention to queries.

(vii). You will be informed when your Planning Permit is ready for collection


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