Certificate of Occupancy is the type of Land Title Registration on any land that is free from known Government Acquisition which can only be determined through an application for Land Information from Surveyor General’s Office subject to the availability of your Survey record’s copy.

Once your Land Information letter confirms that your land is free from known Government Acquisition,proceed to Land Bureau with the under listed documents to commence the registration of your Title for the issuance of C of O or Deemed Grant.

Documents necessary for the processing of C of O now called ( DEEMED GRANT)

1. Deed of Assignment on Deem Grant*. ( 2 copies)

2. Original Survey Plan (2 copies)

3. Land information Certificate

4. Application form*

5.Photograh of the site showing date and time.

6. Land purchased receipt

7. Photograph of the Applicant (s)

8. Site sketch

Once all the above documents are fully completed accordingly, you need to them to Legal Department for Vetting, to Estate Department for Assessment before payment.

After payment, you submit and obtain your acknowledgement copy on which a number would be given. Thereafter, it would be forwarded for Publication. Once the publication is done and no objection for a period of 30 days. The actual processing continue with site inspection.

Why the delay in the procurement of the Deemed Grant or C of O?

As simple as the procedure mentioned above is, you need to be guided right from the time when you are collating your documents to the time you make the final submission.

Note : It is not everybody (agent) that claimed to know this processing that knows it. Some of the agents you patronize will just drop your application without proper monitoring and follow up having collected money from you with series of lies. You can get it done yourself or seek for the assistant of an expert in the field. (** Please ask you shall be guided)



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