(i).  Survey Plan

(ii). Title Document- such as a Certificate of Occupancy,  Governor’s consent, Deemed Grant Consent, Land certificate, etc
(iii). The architectural design of your proposed building;

(iv). Engineering drawings such as Structural drawing with the calculation sheet, Mechanical and Electrical drawings (if above three floors), Letter of Structural stability or Non- Destructive Integrity test NDIT (if it is an existing building).

(v).Soil test report (for developments above two floors);

(vi). Physical Planning Technical Report (PPTR), Environmental Impact Analysis(EIA), and Transport Impact Analysis (TIA) reports (where applicable);

(vii). Receipts of all prescribed Government fees paid.

(viii). Evidence of tax payments

(ix) Clearance letters from relevant MDAs such as NTDA, LUAC, LSDPC etc.(where applicable)

(x) Land use charge

(xi) N100 Development levy

(xii) Affidavit

(xiii) Passport photograph of the applicant.

(xiv) Photograph of the site.

(xv) Approved Layout Plan of the area (where applicable)


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