Here are the list of the Ministries, Agencies and Parastatals in Lagos state that are connected with lands matters, properties, housing provision, development, monitoring, regulation, controlling and financing with some of their responsibilities.

A. LAND BUREAU: Lagos state Lands Bureau is responsible for (i) Land Policy and Land Matters. (ii) Acquisition of Land for State purposes. (iii) Land Registry (Administration & Control) in conjunction with Ministry of Justice (iv) Subsequent Transaction including Assignment, Mortgage, Leases, Power of Attorney etc.

B. SURVEYOR GENERAL OFFICE: The primary function of the Office of the State Surveyor General is to provide Survey Framework to facilitate the registration of Certificate of Occupancy under the Land Use Act. The Office is charged among others with the responsibilities such as: (i) Land information, storage/ retrieval of survey records of all state and private parcels of land.
(ii) Charting of Survey Plans for Mortgages, Assignment, Lease, Sublease and Power of Attorney.
(iii) Preparation of Survey plans for all Lagos State Agencies.
(iv) Provision and development of land related information systems;
(v) Development of land data bank etc.

C. MINISTRY OF PHYSICAL PLANNING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT: Some of the responsibilities of the Ministry includes but not limited to: (i). Initiation, formulation and implementation of physical planning, Urban Development and Urban renewal policies and programmes. (ii). Preparation of Regional, Master, Model City Plans, Action and Development plans for Excised Villages (iii). Granting of approval and Monitoring of Layouts and Development Schemes for both Government and Private Estates etc

D. HOUSING : Ministry of Housing responsibilities include but not limited to: (i) Formulation, review and implementation of Lagos State Housing Policies.
(ii) Provision of Quality Housing for Lagos State Citizenry.
(iii) Provision of Infrastructure in Government Housing Estates.
(iv) Supervision of the Maintenance of Existing Housing Estates.
(v) Intervention in Real Estate Transaction Matters including Tenancy and Rent.
(vi) Collaboration with the Private Sector in the Provision of Housing etc.

E. LAGOS STATE DEVELOPMENT AND PROPERTY CORPORATION (LSDPC): Lagos State Development and Property Corporation is a state government owned corporate entity that builds, rents and sells houses to low, medium and high income families in Lagos. Some of the structures developed by the company are found in : Dolphin Estate, Falomo Shopping Complex and multi family apartments in Iba, Isolo, Abesan and Amuwo Odofin.

F. LAGOS HOMS: It is a board created to Generate conducive environment for accessible and affordable mortgage or charge for the benefit of citizens of the state to acquire their own homes; it ensures continued intervention of Government in the LagosMortgage Scheme through a formalized and institutionalized process.

G: LAGOS BUILDING INVESTMENT COMPANY: Lagos Building Investment Company Plc (LBIC) was established with the aim of providing Mortgage Finance.

H. LAGOS STATE PHYSICAL PLANNING PERMIT AUTHORITY (LASPPPA): The Major responsibility of the Authority is in the grant of Planning Permits to all physical developments in the State. It has all over the Local Government Areas of the State District offices in charge of the grant of Planning Permit.

I. LAGOS STATE BUILDING CONTROL AGENCY (LASBCA): Responsibilities of the agency includes but not limited to:(i) Building control in all its ramifications. (ii) Approval to commence construction after obtaining development permit. (iii) Inspection and certification of various stages of building construction. (iv) Verification of your General Contractor’ All Risk and Building Insurance Policy. (v) Issuance of certificate of completion of building construction and fitness for habitation.(vi) Identification and removal of distressed and non-conforming buildings. etc

J. LAGOS STATE URBAN RENEWAL AGENCY ( LASURA): Responsibilities includes: ( i) Implementation of all State Government’s policies and programmes on Urban renewal. (2) Continuous identification and studies of areas due for renewal.
(iii) Drawing up of schemes for renewal programmes. (iv) Directing and monitoring of all resettlement schemes in redevelopment programmes.

K. LAGOS STATE MATERIAL TESTING: Lagos State Materials Testing Laboratory (LSMTL) was created to curb the incidence of incessant collapse of building and civil engineering infrastructures. The main objective is to test the materials used for quality assurance.

L. NEW TOWN DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (NTDA): The Authority is responsible for: (i) Establishment of New Towns and Development of Schemes in Lagos State.
(ii). Provision of Infrastructure in Government Estates .
(iii). Promotion of large scale physical development.

M. LAND GRABBING : The office under the Ministry of Justice is to uphold the Law prohibiting forceful entry and illegal occupation of landed properties, violent and fraudulent conducts in relation to landed properties in Lagos State and for connected purposes. The Law criminalized a number of unwholesome practices in land-related transactions carried out by Omo-onile.

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