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The proponent of this page is Tpl Okuniyi Musa, a Professional Town Planner, Educationist, Land Counselor and Content Creator. He is an Assistant Director in the Lagos State Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development with 27 years working experience. Versatile on Land matters. His educational qualification and working  experience the Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development inspired his interest in public enlightenment. Most  Lagosians  aspire to have a place to call a home, a roof over their heads but  lack adequate knowledge and information in searching for  lands that are free from Government Acquisition. They were misled by their first contact who has no adequate knowledge about Land transactions, Planning Laws,  Regulations   and Standards . Thus they ended up acquiring  land with their hard earned money that are not free from Government acquisition and   developable. The situation became so pathetic when such developments were to be removed by the Authority. To guide General Public and educate them, led to the creation of the platform “Cherish your property” where prospective Developers can inquire through our    website  or call for clarification on some issues not cleared to them for no cost. Thanks

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